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About company

Business model

The integrated business model of the company ensures effective control of the entire cycle of work performance / services provision – from bidding organization, commercial and technical negotiations to the end user’s final acceptance of works/services data. This model allows to minimize company’s costs arising from the implementation of individual projects, and also provides high efficiency of the company’s activity on the implementation of various projects in oil and gas and other industries.

Corporate management

Regardless of the running project, we strive to adhere to the highest standards of corporate management, which aim at best results in a particular region.

We form a corporate management system that complies with generally recognized global standards and allows us to build efficient relationship with shareholders and investors. Implementing its development strategies CS Construction Solutions (UK) Ltd strives to increase the company's shareholder value and achieve the highest standards in management. We believe that these two goals are interrelated. Commitment to transparent and responsible business management is of vast importance for maintaining investors’ confidence and for receiving shareholders maximum return on their investments in the long term.

The main areas of CS Construction Solutions (UK) Ltd policy in the field of corporate governance are the following:

• observance of interests and protection of shareholders' rights;

• introduction of unified management standards;

• improvement of information policy and internal control systems;

• implementation of informational transparency principles;

• constructive interaction with investors, employees, business partners of the Company.

Dialogue with stakeholders

There is a group of persons CS Construction Solutions (UK) Limited supports and develops a dialogue with a group of stakeholders to support and develop a dialogue with. These are clients, business partners, employees, trade unions, representatives of government agencies, associations and non-governmental organizations, politicians and scientists.

We are in constant dialogue with the concerned parties to respect their commercial and technical interests in the respective project.

Risk management

“Life is more risk management, rather than exclusion of risks.” – Walter Wriston

Risk management consists of the following steps:

• risk identification;

• risk assessment;

• definition of a response strategy;

• regular change control.

In its risk management policy, the Company uses the principle of economic expediency and efficiency, based on the rational use of capital, the estimation of the total capital requirements and its optimized distribution, the current analysis of the effectiveness and appropriateness of the decisions made regarding risk. Efficient management of internal and external risks in each aspect of the company’s work allows to achieve successfully strategic goals and ensures stable growth in the long run.

Product development

The company actively cooperates with various Government Research Centers in Europe and Asia, technical universities, sectoral R&D establishments, research-and-development centers around the world to improve product quality and create new products for oil and gas and other industries.

Personnel development

The company is interested in constant professional growth of its personnel to enhance its performance and further motivate the employees. The process of in-company training never ends. We continually invest in training and professional development of our employees. Working in the company is profitable and honorable. СS Construction Solutions (UK) Ltd is a dynamically growing Company interested in finding and bringing into its fold ambitious, initiative, energetic and creative people, able to work in a team, eager to improve their professional expertise and experience.

Geography of business

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