Green technologies and waste treatment systems
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Green technologies and waste treatment systems

CConstruction Solutions (UK) Limited offers cutting-edge solutions for environmental protection and efficiency improvement of non-renewable resource usage. In particular, one of the strategic directions is construction of complexes for solid household waste (SHW) sorting. Such projects are based on the most modern foreign SHW sorting technologies and practices – the economic effect of this approach lies within the opportunity to extract from the total volume of solid waste a significant amount of recycled materials subject to further processing. At the same time, it offers the possibility to reduce the remaining SHW volume subject to disposal. It is beyond any doubt that such practices have a significant positive effect on environmental protection.

The second strategic pathway of our work in this area is the construction of the facilities for the incineration of solid and liquid domestic and industrial waste, which provides not only full utilization of such wastes, but also additional economic effect from the use of waste heat for generation of thermal and electric energy. Such technologies are well known but they were generally characterized by low efficiency mainly due to the negative impact on the environment. The approach suggested by CS Construction Solutions (UK) Limited in this area involves the most cutting-edge technologies in the field of flue gases scrubbing, which allow to minimize environmental risks.

Close cooperation of CS Construction Solutions (UK) Limited with world leading design organizations working in this field, and considerable experience in implementation of large scale projects in various industries, allows us to offer design and construction on turnkey basis of such complexes with due consideration of the Client’s practical needs.

Moreover, CS Construction Solutions (UK) Limited actively promotes other modern technologies related to wastewater treatment and sludge processing, alternative power generation (solar, wind power, mini-hydropower) and others.